domenica 20 ottobre 2013

A weekend to remember 
Bergamo and Valle Brembana

November 1,2,3 2013

Bergamo is one of Italy's best-kept secrets!

From Bergamo you are able to explore far and wide, driving along the Valle Brembana, a vertiginous mountain gorge, is the ideal choice of every age group. 

It is the ideal holiday for those who love nature based tourism and appreciate places where nature, art and history are a living heritage. This has been preserved for centuries by hardworking and kindly people offering and enhancing a new experience to those who appreciate discreet and incomparable charm. 

And if you like skiing Foppolo and St. Simon are some of the skiing resorts reached in just an hour.

Cyclotourism, trekking, fishing, horse riding in the woods, are just some of the many sporting and leisure activities that the Valle offers its guests. 

Close to Roncobello you will find freedomYoga-land a place to relax, recharge and rejuvenate practicing yoga and the Five Tibetan Rites, surrounded by lush vegetation of the Upper Valle Brembana.

We are waiting to meet you ... and be happy!