martedì 30 novembre 2010

Yoga for kids? Absolutely! 

The slow, flowing motions not only builds flexibility but takes a lot of concentation and can help slow a young mind down. 

It can help you child acheive balance in their young lives. 
Almost every children experiences stress with homework; pressure to compete with other children as well as non-stop after-school activities and over scheduling. 

All this can make for a very hectic lifestyle. Kids today, like their parents, are turning to yoga for both HEALTH and RELAXATION. 

Yoga for kids is a means of helping them to develop better body awareness, controlling themselves, and flexibility as well as coordination. 

Kids may be able to carry the yoga skills they learn beyond class and into their normal everyday routines.

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Other benefits of yoga for kids

  • Yoga increases stamina levels, ability  to do things and mental balance
  • Enables to kids to learn about alphabets and numbers through songs and learning about body parts very interesting
  • The singing and chanting done at yoga classes improves vocal skills
  • Strengthens digestive system and provides relief from complexities like gas and constipation

Kids yoga program are full of fun and enjoyment. The kids may pretend to be animals like cat and dog while doing their exercise. The pose as these animals and make sounds like them. Some times a story with characters would be created to support all the exercises.  All the exercises would be packaged in a manner that would interest the kids. The kids would have a nice and also get the benefits of yoga.