martedì 2 novembre 2010

 The Specific Processes of Growth
The Modes of Togetherness
Resources for Study

AQAL, The Next Generation is a radical condensation of a projected two-semester, graduate-level course.  To make this complex model more accessible in this abbreviated form, we have divided the presentation into five installments:

 Installment 1.  Overview of ADAPT.   

    ADAPT is a new model of Human Development – derived from Ken Wilber’s AQAL and his more extended Integral Operating System (IOS).  ADAPT is not just one theory among many that purport to describe Human Development.  Rather, as we shall show, ADAPT is the abstracted version of a universal model that people have used since the ancient times to describe the progressions of human life.   In this installment, we present the essential features of the ADAPT Model – stripped of unnecessary explanations, elaborations, or justifications.  To illustrate how growth works, we explain only the first of the eight Systems (see Installment 2 for the others).  Lengthy explanations of certain concepts and methods have been omitted (see Installment 3 for the omissions).

   Installment 2.  The Systems of Human Development.  

    A System of Human Development is a fundamental mechanism by which growth takes place -- a set of parameters that function together to move us along the Growth Continuum.  There are eight different Systems that contribute to Human Development – each with its own set of Dimensions, Participants, Processes, and modes of Togetherness.  In this Installment, we first discuss the components of the eight Systems as a whole.  Then we proceed through each System individually – describing the parameters and showing how they work together to produce particular kinds of growth