sabato 19 luglio 2014

... and what about you?

This summer if you are around Bergamo area, come to freedomYoga-land to discover your own land of yoga and find the elements of growth:

"10 steps to freedom"

1. Begin your journey into the land of yoga;
2. primarily be focused on the physical benefits of the asana - postures; 
Yoga Celebrities3. then move on from the physical aspects of yoga to the majority of what yoga has to offer. Physical asanas are a very small part of the practice of yoga;
4. practice asanas starting to focus inward, naturally because life is made up of thoughts and energy; 
5. unlock the energetic power you have inside and bring consciousness to what you need in your life; 
6. align your practice with your true inner values;
7. make yoga practice special and transformational;
8. have a sense of freedom in the pose;
9. practice being content there;
10. space, earth and water are the elements of your growth and they work in your body and mind providing the conditions for your development.

Be happy! Namastè