mercoledì 2 luglio 2014

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(...) Less Really is More, 
When it Comes to High-Intensity Exercise

One of the major benefits of high intensity exercises is that it allows your body to produce human growth hormone (HGH), commonly referred to as “the fitness hormone.” However, as explained by Dr. McGuff in a previous interview, once you're fit, you really don't need frequent spurts of growth hormone production.

At that point, recovery actually takes precedence as being more important, and your recovery period could be anywhere from three to seven days. In fact, he strongly recommends NOT exercising too frequently once you are in fit condition, and here's why:

"[Y]our adrenal gland … sits right above your kidneys, and it's arranged in layers. On the outermost layers, you have mineral corticoids that control your sodium and your electrolyte levels. In the middle layer, you have your corticosteroids that control sugar and generate stress hormones. And in the innermost layer is where you generate growth hormones and the sex steroids, or that's involved in the axis, in the feedback loop that generates that.

The old saying in medical school to memorize 
the three layers is "salt, sugar, sex" – 
the deeper you go, the better it gets. 

But you got to remember, your adrenal gland is an integrated organ. Those three layers are not perfectly divided. If through high-intensity exercise you're trying to hammer that adrenal gland three times per week, but now you're much stronger and your body hasn't fully recovered from your Monday session and you come back and hit it again on Wednesday… you're going to tap down into that deeper level.

Instead of growth hormones spurt, you're going to get in a cortisol spurt. You're going to completely undermine what it is that you're after."

"... per sorridere al tempo che passa!"

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