domenica 12 giugno 2011

 Toward a More Just Kosmos 

The way the AQAL matrix has often been articulated 
(especially in Wilber phase-IV) 
with reference to “the big three” may conceal more than it is able to reveal.

As anyone familiar with the model knows, 
there are four quadrants in the AQAL matrix, not three, 
so why the emphasis on the True, the Beautiful, and the Good
without reference to the fourth, equally important,
Platonic Ideal Form of Justice?

And this leads to further questions:
is Justice a part of the shadow of Integral Theory, 
a kind of repressed aspect of its existence? 

And does this reflect the triumph of the personal 
over the political within the discourse of Integral Theory,
an imbalance within its internal emphases?

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