giovedì 27 maggio 2010

Your business customers' needs are becoming more diverse  and often change quickly which is likely to put increased strains on your sales resources and capabilities. The days are gone, where the same sales representative/account manager could offer all your products/services, and your company could "walk away" after the sale.

"Premium Products": From "Goods and Services" to "Service Systems"

Bundling a good premium product, with a strong servicing offering, can create a good base for long term profits. Yet, organizing and executing on that requires different skills from your people than the ones they could ("pushing" a product) focus on in the past. The sales function has to change but the same goes for the other functions in your organization, from which much more support will be expected.

"Management Centre Europe" can help you with these changes. Our Senior Associates, experienced B2B general managers, can facilitate a workshop with your key people to guide them through the required changes.
Individuals from the various functions (Sales, Marketing, Production, Finance...) in your company could gain a stronger insight in the issues and their solutions through attending the MCE public workshop: click here to see the details of Managing B2B Teams for Solution Selling in Product Offer Markets.

Also, in these changes, the classic "Product Manager" function needs to be expanded in view of co-ordinating the "Service Systems". The MCE public Workshop Product/"Service Systems" Management in B2B Markets deals with that.

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