giovedì 8 marzo 2012


Thursday, 8 March 2012

"For this women day ... I wish all the women out there a good health and may all the desires of your heart be fulfilled...This is a day that  I realized  I am someone's mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, teacher, wife and more and more ... so to you all women out there ...on this day my love goes to all the families who has lost special women in their lives and to all the sad women around the world...and to cheer your day I just picked this poem by Daria Majeta Domitrovich:"

"Sad Women"

Sad women always get up
to make breakfast to their children,
 to tell him "have a nice day"

Sad women go to work and always do their best,
they make lunch and sit last,
Sad women buy groceries on the way home,
make phone calls to hear someone's voice,
they are faithful to their promises,

Sad women take upon other's grief
Sad women comfort others and say
''everything will be okay'',
they don't let their sadness to come out,
Sad women don't have time to be sad,
Sad women cry when lights go out ..."

Happy Women's Day...!!!