mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

 Dedicated to all


from FreedomYoga

FreedomYoga congratulates 
all Women at your organisation 
on International Women’s Day

In these challenging times, I would like to wish all women 
strength and courage 
on International Women’s Day.

The world is changing. There are many challenges, and some of the old ways of solving problems seem no longer useful. 
Progress based on competition and domination has taken us as far as it can and seems to have come to its limits in both government and business, at all levels. 
Many people believe the path moving forward will be a more female leadership style, based on:
  1. Partnership,
  2. collaboration, 
  3. inclusiveness
  4. and empowerment. 
These skills are possessed by both genders, but this leadership style comes  more easily to women. 

Be the change 
Happy Women's Day ...