lunedì 23 luglio 2012


Management Development Calendar - Autumn 2012 for You and for your future.

How do you want to develop yourself this autumn
to ensure a successful year end?

  • Be a better leader or people manager?
  • Improve your influence and communication skills with your colleagues, customers or external partners?
  • Sharpen your business knowledge with a finance course or Mini-MBA

Catalogue: MCE's Workshops for Individual Managers, 2012Maybe you just want to tackle immediate challenges in your business function.

Whatever development workshop you need to step up your performance and advance your career, MCE has it. We cover a wide range of topics, and offer them at a date and location convenient to you. You’ll learn alongside colleagues from a variety of industries and countries.
Your workshop will be led not by a trainer but by an ex-senior manager who can show you how management techniques work in real life, not textbooks.

Plan your development now and finish 2012 on a high note. Click here to see the MCE Autumn 2012 Management Development Calendar. 

“Viviamo tempi di incertezza, il migliore investimento? 
Tuffarsi nella cura e nello sviluppo di Noi Stessi”. 
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