giovedì 24 maggio 2012

High Intelligence Office

Meaningful Posters and Truthful T-shirts Planting small seeds into popular culture...

The High Intelligence Office is a mysterious agency that releases revelatory files related to a meaningful existence. These files consist of insightful statements and concise design on eco-friendly handmade printed t-shirts and posters. The office idea is tongue-in-cheek while the statements and products are serious.

The files

  • The ego is a ring of defense around nothing.
  • Don't believe everything you think. Wake up, we miss you.
  • Connection is the fabric of life. Life is relationship.
  • Time is in your head. You are always here & now.
  • Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.
  • We are one. We just have the same feelings at different times.
and more to come...


The idea

Creating awareness of these issues on a big scale, in a mainstream way. Using design on t-shirts and posters is a great way of getting a message across. We obviously know that this will never replace a Krishnamurti book. Their function is to just make people wonder about deep issues and invite them to investigate further. The messages are subtle so that they are not an imposition.

The plan

By selling these t-shirts and posters we are raising funds for building a community website where we can all discuss these topics, back them up with serious information, question everything, and learn from it all. Each file release will be centred around a theme such as relationship, freedom, authority, fear, identity, love, etc; and will be accompanied by a short statement (the seed) that will get printed on the t-shirts and posters.
So perhaps a butterfly flapping its wings can create a big storm after all.

The help

Kickstarter is an online crowd funding website for creative projects. People can pledge money for our project and receive t-shirts and/or posters in return. It’s an all-or-nothing system: if we don't reach the full amount nobody gets charged and the project is unsuccessful.

About us

Francisco Mazza is a graphic designer who works for the Krishnamurti Foundation UK. Amanda Cozens is a counseling student and a former Brockwood staff member.
Please visit the project by clicking here.
Thank you for your time!
Francisco and Amanda
P.S. The products can be shipped anywhere in the world. Even pledging 10 US dollars and sharing the project link where you can will help enormously.
P.P.S. The Kickstarter sign up page is very quick and easy.