mercoledì 9 novembre 2011

... Illuminating the web of influence ...

" There is almost a sensual longing 
for communion with others who have a large vision. 

The immense fulfillment of the friendship 
between those engaged in furthering 
the evolution of consciousness 
has a quality impossible to describe ".

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It is time to move beyond the lone struggle for growth and to become social – inter-subjective – architects, working together to build a web of influence 
that will serve the growth of everyone 
involved and extend powerfully 
into the world.

What Is The Evolutionary Collective?

The Evolutionary Collective (EC) is an incubator, an evolving container for shared consciousness and mutual development founded five years ago by Patricia Albere. The first ongoing EC is in its fourth year. In this new, shared consciousness of the Evolutionary Collective we discover new ways of being and relating together. And as we become aware of the subtle and profound ways that we are constantly affecting and influencing each other we learn how to act and interact with profound honesty, intention and integrity. In this way our relationships catalyze and sustain individual and collective growth and give rise to new forms of creativity and manifestation in the world.

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